Taco lchf style

Hmm, first of all, I should get my sincere apology out of the way. I have not been blogging regularly, and I am sorry about that. Very boring when you look at a blog which is hardly ever updated-I hate that myself!

But friends, this is so depressing. I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but the scales have not moved for ages. I keep thinking it’s because I always “bloat up” when it’s that time of the month….but then it doesn’t go away, so I must stop blaming that. I’ve been stuck for weeks and weeks now. I think back over the time I have done LCHF-I really should have been thin before now! Yes, on occasions I have cheated ( a box of chocolates in a week isn’t going to do anyone any favours!), but I have been really good these last weeks, so it’s depressing. I still have not hit my initial target of 89kg (89kg because I saw the pictures of Katrin at 89kg and didn’t think she looked terrible. overweight, but not terrible. So that is my first mark where I want to be, and then I set further goals).

I have heard that weight loss can stall for some people on LCHF (it happened to my parents), and I have heard that one possible remedy for this is to cut back on the high fat dairy. But if I do this, isn’t it going to be really hard to get enough fat in my diet?. In any case, I’m soon going to make Sofie’s kokospannacotta. I figure that a nice dessert which tastes like dairy but isn’t dairy, cannot hurt.

What do you think?? Help, please!!


The dangers of semlor season :(

Sorry for the lack of posts recently! My working hours have increased, and so I’ve been running around crazily since the start of the new year. For those of you who don’t know (that’s probably all of you, because I don’t know if I have talked about my job on here before), I’m a hemspråk teacher for English. I visit pre-school children (my colleagues visit the older kids), with English as a mother tongue, and I give them an hour of education in their own language once a week, to keep their English skills up. I travel by bus, so I’m really exhausted by the end of my working week (Thursday evening).

Anyway, enough of me rattling on!

Semlor season

I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, but I’ve succumbed to temptation lately, and eaten..let’s just say “more than one” of these lovely Swedish treats. And do I regret it?

Actually I do! My reward has been extra weight, headaches, and a really spotty and painful chin :(. It’s just not worth it!

SO-it’s back on the straight and narrow today, which means I had a gorgeous LCHF knäckebröd (crispbread) today, with butter, boiled egg, and lemon mayonnaise (the lemon mayo sounds odd, but trust me!). Thank you very much to the lovely ladies at, for the breakfast inspiration!

Have a great weekend!


‘Tis the season to be jolly…



It’s going to be interesting, seeing what happens with my LCHF eating while I am here in the UK. This picture above, is what greeted me when I stopped at a motorway service station on the looong drive up to the North of England, on Wednesday night. We flew from Lulea (excuse the spelling, but I don’t know how to do the Swedish letters on my dad’s English keyboard!) down to Stockholm early in the morning, and then we flew on to London Gatwick from there. Which meant a super-long drive up to the North, where I am from.

Anyway, we stopped for some snacks, and this is what I found when I walked in the Marks and Spencer store (formerly my favourite store for food when I lived in the UK). Practically everything had rice, pasta, potatoes, or bulghur wheat in it. In the end I gave up on trying to get a proper meal, and instead I bought two small packets of satay chicken with peanut dip. Not bad on carbs, but I ended up hungry, as it was really hard to get the fat content up, without taking sugar on board too. 

Since we got to my parents’ place, I have indeed struggled to find enough fat. They eat LCHF too, which means that meal-times have not revolved around carbs, but I think sometimes they forget about trying to increase the fat content. I’ve been very hungry at times, and that’s not something I get at home in Lulea (again, spelling-sorry!).

I baked two delicious loaves of Lchfklubben bread last night, so I’m off to get some, and spread it really thick with butter! Yum!

Tonight, an Indian takeaway is on the cards. More about that later…


It’s that time of the year…

Xmas pud

…When we start seeing all of the adverts for Christmas food on tv. Sweden is no exception, though I notice that they don’t have any “party ranges” like all of the British supermarkets generally do. Does that mean us Brits are lazy? Probably.

Anyway, I’m not faring too badly here as far as temptation goes-I really don’t like Swedish Christmas food. I respect that it’s what Swedes have eaten for many years as their Christmas meal on Christmas Eve (they celebrate a day earlier), but it’s not for me. Having said that, we are off to the UK soon for a holiday, and I know it will be a different story there. Last time I was home (summer 2012), as far as I could see, Britain hadn’t heard of LCHF, and if I had mentioned to a shop assistant that I was looking for Stevia-sweetened chocolate, they would have thought I was crazy. When I did that in a  supermarket here, I explained in my (basic) Swedish that I was looking for it because I eat LCHF, and the shop assistant guy said straight away “Ah, ingen socker”. (“Ah, no sugar!”). So everybody has heard of it here.

So I admit, I’m quite nervous about going home and being faced with temptations such as mini pavlovas, full-sugar everything, and generally eating less healthier than I do here. But my parents eat LCHF, so hopefully my mum will organise some nice stuff that’s not too bad on carbs.

How are you planning to manage Christmas when eating LCHF?

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Adapting “regular” dishes for LCHF…

Bolognese without pasta Oct 13

A few days ago, we decided to have spaghetti bolognese for dinner in our house, as it’s a favourite. I decided that instead of having something completely different, I would just have a bowl of bolognese sauce, and add plenty of cheese to fill me up. It was delicious! It did feel a bit weird to eat it without spaghetti, but I didn’t get that awful bloated feeling afterwards, like I would have if I’d eaten it the “normal” way.

What do you like to adapt to LCHF?

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This bread kicks ass ;)

lchfklubben bread

I’m not just saying this because I blog for lchfklubben now-I’ve tried many low-carb and lchf breads, and this is the best by far. I believe they even post internationally too, so why not try it? Let me know if you do!

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The kind of signs we need in the supermarket…and the kind we don’t…

I was struck when shopping in a well-known Swedish supermarket a couple of weeks ago, by how LCHF-friendly signs are starting to appear here and there-almost as if the stores have realised how big the LCHF movement is, and are starting to change their ways. Here is the sign I saw (I’ll translate what it says into English).Image

Five quick things about avocados!

1/ Ripen quickly in a paper bag with an apple

2/ Can be used in a sandwich instead of butter

3/ Next after the Danes, we swedes eat the most avocados in Europe

4/ Nice in sweet desserts, like avocado ice-cream, or avocado mousse

5/ They’re rich in useful fats, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Bravo, I thought!

Sadly, 30 seconds later, I came upon this:


Guess which one was attracting the most interest? (Put it this way, I didn’t see anybody buying avocados-except me).

Oh well!

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So-called “healthy” drinks…


Found this little beauty in the supermarket yesterday…looks nice and healthy at first glance, doesn’t it? After all, it’s got coconut water in it, which is super healthy, so what could possibly go wrong?


“Completely natural raw items!” it screams!

“Good balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates!”

“Contains important minerals!”

“No added sugar!”.

Of course, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s next to water in the health stakes, with the claims the manufacturers are making….but let’s take a look at the “nutritional information”, shall we?


There’s barely any fat or protein in it….so no prizes for guessing where the rest of the “nutrition” comes from….

that’s right…good ol’ carbs! Of which 20 grams are sugar!

I think this drink is a prime example of the way that manufacturers try to con us with the “oh it’s so healthy” bull.

Moral of the story-read the labels before you buy!!

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Good morning!


..And what better way to start the morning, than some LCHF muesli and rich, creamy Russian yoghurt? Mmm, delicious!

What did you eat for breakfast today?

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50 countries and counting…!

A big thank you to the readers from FIFTY different countries who now read my blog!! I am honoured!! I hope you continue to enjoy reading!

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